Established in 2019, the Global Inquiries and Social Theory Research Group (GIST), under the TDTU Faculty of Social and Humanities, aims to:

  • Improve the faculty’s research capacity of faculty in line with current expertise;
  • Shape the faculty’s research identity by promoting basic research on sociology, anthropology, history and culture in the context of Vietnam and Asian countries;
  • Highlight the faculty research strength on topics of sustainable development, gender equality, ecotourism and heritage tourism; research methods on ethnology, Vietnamese studies and sociology; urbanization, social issues and communication.

Basing upon the researchers’ expertise, we seek to extend and expand research capacity by choosing research projects and seeking funding for research that both fulfill the objectives of the faculty and move the faculty forward. We aim to take in particular direction from the challenges proposed by the development goals adopted by the Vietnam Government so as to develop further expertise in the faculty for research.

By adopting the objectives above, we will then shape the faculty’s focus in global inquiries and social theory. We understand social inquiry as an inclusive and collaborative set of new anthropological, sociological, historical and ethnographic methodologies fostering research between academics, policy-makers, community and social groups, health and media activists, businesses, government departments, and agencies (both domestic and international). With a strong focus on social inquiries and theory, locally and internationally, we are confident we will increase the faculty’s publications and citations for research work and thus contribute to TDTU’s impact in the field of social sciences and humanities.